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Professional Qualifications

City and Guilds

City and Guilds

1106 21 L3 Advanced Diploma in International Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning Awards

  • This series of programmes designed for the international market, is focused on the generic skills and knowledge required by teachers and trainers around the world, regardless of the occupational area in which they are working. It enables practicing teachers and trainers to update their skills and provide those new to the profession with a front line qualification offering international recognition.

    Course content:

    • 101 Identifying Learning Needs - minimum 15 hours guided learning
    • 102 Plan and Prepare Learning - minimum 20 hours guided learning
    • 103 Delivering learning - minimum 30 hours guided learning
    • 104 Assess outcomes - minimum 25 hours guided learning
    • 105 Evaluation - minimum 10 hours guided learning


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